F E D ! !

Finally! A new post! Well, this past weekend, in our business,
there was a celebration we call FED. It celebrates the financial foundation of
our country, capitalism. It celebrates those that have embraced it, and
furthered it, by becoming business owners and empowering others to do the same.
And it celebrates freedom. Freedom to achieve. Freedom to live. Freedom to pass
on a legacy to our heirs and, not the least freedom, the freedom to recognize those
that have fought to keep our freedoms alive. And it’s called FREE ENTERPRISE

Every year, veterans are brought up on stage, their stories told,
their service recognized and their sacrifice honored. Honored with a standing
ovation of enthusiastic appreciation and cheer. Honored by the due recognition
of people who didn’t waste the freedom sacrificed for by the veterans, but
rather used it to further the well-standing of God, country and family. And
honored, by just letting them know that we are an organization of people who
haven’t forgotten them, or the price they have paid.

That’s only part of the story, of course. There are other veterans
here to recognize and celebrate. They are a different kind of warrior, but
freedom fighters all the same. These are the ones that have fought for their
families, and their achievements, in the living rooms of America. They carry
the scars that come when you force the truth out your relative – “No, we
don’t believe in you.” The pain of hypocrisy, “Hope you do well,
support you?, Oh, we couldn’t be involved in that.” But you, …you are
here to clearly, loudly, boldly and directly support these, the leaders in our
business. The ones that have gone forth and blazed the trail for you. There are
life stories told. Overcomings that rival anything holding you back. And every
emotion in the spectrum; felt, shared and treasured from now on. And, most of
all, your here for the celebration of all the achievement that really was
waiting on the other side of all those pains and perils and overcommings!

Free Enterprise Days fills the weekend. In fact, it is celebrated
over several weekends to accommodate all that wish to attend, but would be geographically
constrained. And it is the most awesome event I had ever attended when I went
to my first one. I call it an upper room experience! If you don’t get that,
hang around, you will. To be in a room to take part in something you’re already
excited about, and then to have it hit you all of a sudden, that everybody here
is doing exactly what you’re doing. Not like at a meeting, where you hope one
or two will sympathize with your cause, not looking over twenty or thirty
eyeballs to see who has the look of agreement. But, to look upon a crowed of
many thousands, no one in their seat, and to know they all agree with you,
there on your side, and your all there with one purpose and in one accord.
Every raised hand, every cheer, scream and clap is in support of you, and yours
for them. If you never have, then you simply never have. Do not miss the
opportunity to attend a Major Function. There all Great!!

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