Who Am I?

Hello and Welcome!

I am just a person that feels like putting my thoughts, some of them anyway, out in the open for others to see, to discuss, to learn from or just throw away.  Which ever you choose, choose it …and move on.  I am really interested in conversing with like-minded people.  Not looking for perfect people, as I am not.  If you don’t like something about me, well, over time, this site may change your mind.  But let me be clear, I will never try to change your mind – you will or you won’t.  If you decide you like the things you see here, or some of them, then let me know.  Comments, for or against, are welcome.  If you intend to  write about anything not on subject and/or defamatory to me or anyone else in my circle of influence, get lost!  If you want to ask me about a new subject for the sake of discussion, go for it.  I want this to be fun for all, serious for those that need it, and ignored by those that can’t, or won’t, be constructive in their participation.

I want this space to be a place where I can write about what I know The Lord has shown me.  About the things I glean from my personal history, other people, books, programs, news reports (which I’m not big on), and Bible Studies (which I will be BIG on).  I want participation. I am certainly not so arrogant that I would claim to be “the one” receiving revelations from God.  Many others do, I’m just trying to share mine. And no, I’m not a profit trying to bring something that is not already in the Bible.  The Bible holds a great deal of discovery for those not afraid to learn the truth.  I hope you find something here that makes you wonder, think, ask questions. Please leave comments, criticisms, praises.   Either way, I hope you enjoy my reports, and my thoughts, and here’s the first one; Our thoughts are what we would be, except for our actions.  You can’t see my actions here, so you may see a different me, someday.  I hope not.  That’s it, except, please, carry on with your visit and again…Welcome!

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