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72 Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Boston

72 Killed Resisting Gun Confiscation in Boston.

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Prejudice & Racism: A Rejection of God

I have brought together all the parts into one post, and reposted this to both blogs, enjoy. Lloyd W. Duncan I had the opportunity the other day, could say I took it, to express, in brief, my opinion about certain … Continue reading

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F E D ! !

Finally! A new post! Well, this past weekend, in our business, there was a celebration we call FED. It celebrates the financial foundation of our country, capitalism. It celebrates those that have embraced it, and furthered it, by becoming business … Continue reading

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Fall is here, or, it used to be.

     In the town where I live the air is cool for the first time this year.  On Sunday the mid 40’s are expected and that’s going to be cold.  I can hardly wait.  But , there is so much missing!  I … Continue reading

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Sleep Tight and Bed Bugs

Sleep Tight! Don’t let the Bedbugs Bite!                       A Family Story                           Lloyd Duncan   When I was still very young, and learning the language of my “country folk” family, one of the phrases I heard a lot was “Sleep tight! … Continue reading

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